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Finding the right accounting and financial employees doesn’t have to be challenging. PrideStaff Financial® simplifies the hiring process by applying our distinct financial experience to open the doors of a vast network of qualified candidates. We provide highly customizable services to our clients for the following staffing needs:

Temporary Projects

Cyclical or seasonal peaks, unexpected growth, absences, turnover and special projects all have a direct impact on business success. Using PrideStaff Financial temporary hiring solutions you can gain flexibility, resources and peace of mind. Our temporary field associates are available for projects from a single day to multiple months. All field associates are pre-screened, and most are available for immediate placement.


Direct Hire

The highest number of qualified accounting and financial professionals are already working. The low rate of unemployment in these fields leaves a small number of active job seekers in the market. Using PrideStaff Financial direct hire, you greatly expand your hiring possibilities through access to our established network of working professionals.




Traditional hiring practices often bring an employee into a company before their true skills and personalities come to light. A temporary-to-hire solution through PrideStaff Financial allows companies to make strategic and knowledgeable hiring decisions, by trying a candidate for weeks or months before making a direct hire offer.