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PrideStaff Financial Statements is PrideStaff Financial's blog covering trends and tips for successfully managing issues in the workplace, such as: retention, employee engagement, and interviewing.


Direct Recruiting From the Competition

Posted in Recruiting

Do you think you’re being discreet in attempts at recruiting from the competition? Think again! Let Pridestaff help you recruit the right candidates.
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Maximize Employee Morale and You'll Maximize Employee Performance!

Posted in Leadership, Recruiting

Are your employees not meeting deadlines or not showing growth in client revenue? Your team may be suffering from low morale. Pridestaff Financial can help!
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Interviewing Tips - How to Classify Candidates

Posted in , Recruiting

Do you shutter at the thought of interviewing new candidates? It is possible to find the best fit for your firm, and Pridestaff Financial can help.
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Thank You Notes: Written or Email? Why You Should Send Them.

Posted in Career Tips

The interview is done; you’re not sure if you gave it your all. There is one more thing you can do- send a thank you. Contact Pridestaff Financial to learn more.
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What You Should Consider in Hiring a New Graduate

Posted in Management, Leadership

If you haven’t given much thought to the pros and cons of hiring a new graduate, now is the time. Because just as you have to “interview” a candidate; they too have to “interview” you. So what should you look for and what should you communicate when considering hiring a new grad? Pridestaff Financial has some tips for making that perfect connection.
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Your First Professional Post Collegiate Job!

Posted in Career Tips

As you walk through those school doors one last time you realize that the stress of “making it” is off your shoulders. But now you need to turn that great achievement into a job! Where do you start? Pridestaff Financial wants to give you a head start in finding that perfect first job!
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What are The Real Benefits of Becoming a Temp?

Are you worried that temp work will pigeonhole you out of the career of your dreams? Pridestaff Financial can dispel the common myths around temporary work!
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Spring Cleaning Tips for the Office

Posted in Career Tips, Management

Are you feeling overwhelmed when you walk into work? It could have to do with the clutter in your office! Here are some tips from Pridestaff Financial.
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Top Financial Jobs

Posted in Top Finance Jobs

Spring is a unique season. While it does not signal the end of a year, nor the coming of winter, or even the end of a business cycle; the spring...
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How to Unwind After Tax Season

Posted in Management

April 15 has come and gone, now what? Pridestaff Financial has the support and tools you need to maintain a good work/life balance, during and after tax season.
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