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4 Top Accounting Professional Associations

Posted in Financial Industry News, Career Tips

Want to hone your craft? Consider joining a professional association. Professional organizations provide a foundation for networking and offer information and resources, such as training and mentoring, which can aid...
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A Call for Financial Reform

Posted in Financial Industry News

A new approach to planning, budgeting and forecasting is not only necessary, but inevitable. Corporations need a powerful tool for executing business strategy and informing company leaders, leading to better...
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The Future of Accounting Automation

Posted in Leadership, Financial Industry News

Accounting automation continues to refine and improve the processes accountants use for efficiency and financial management. Trends include Big Data and analytics, and smart machines that can scan large volumes...
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Breathe Easier—Tax Season Is Over!

Posted in , Financial Industry News

These days, many companies have multiple tax filing deadlines, so taking a break isn’t always in the cards until the winter holidays. Whether you can see the light at the...
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What CFO’s Need to Know about the New SEC Whistleblower Program

Posted in Financial Industry News

New changes to the SEC whistleblower program are giving it strong legs to stand on. The SEC has put its gaze on retaliatory behavior, confidentiality agreements, and the role of...
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